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The purpose of the project is to develop a culture of diversity in order to facilitate the social inclusion of young people belonging to cultural minorities, that are the main victims of intolerance. This objective will be achieved through digital competences and artistic practices that youth workers, trainers, artists involved in youth education belonging to partner groups, as well as young people belonging to cultural minority groups will acquire. The desirable outcome will be developing to youths the sense of respect of solidarity, peace, equality, citizenship and eventually will stand together with the whole community against intolerance.

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The Main Objectives Of The Project

Training Activities

The Main Training Activities Of The Project

Web TV Channel

"Youth RE.S.P.E.C.T.”web TV channel

Awareness Raising Campaign

The awareness raising campaign- "Youth RE.S.P.E.C.T thru Cre8ivity", using non-formal methods acquired during the training events

Training Events

3 short training events for young people we are working with, according to the model of the 3 Short-term joint staff training events

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